• Martha Martens

Martha Martens

Learning Technologist
MA, BA (Hons)
Residing campus
  • Terrace

I have worked in environmental education and interpretation for over 20 years, interpreting complex biology, geology, and cultural history, and training and supervising interpretive staff. I have led numerous resource management activities, including care for injured Burrowing Owls and monitoring of Massasauga Rattlesnakes. My undergraduate degree is in Outdoor Recreation, Parks, and Tourism with a Minor in Spanish and my Masters is in Global Studies and Teaching English as a Second Language. I have taught college courses in Teaching English a Second Language, Environmental Ethics, and Nature Interpretation.

I am a consummate generalist and loves learning all sorts of new things, but long standing passions are fungi, ethnobotany, aquatic macroinvertebrates, permaculture design, structured word inquiry, classical education, inquiry (wonder) based learning, and of course, swimming, paddling, and anything to do with water.  I have yet to surf, but that is on my bucket list.

In my role as the Learning Technologist with COLT at Coast Mountain College, I hope to connect with instructors and help them succeed in online teaching.