International travel request form

Please submit this form to let the International Student Advisor know about your travel plans. This is the first step to obtain a Letter of Support.

Only submit this form when your travel plans have been finalized. Do not re-submit forms, unless there has been a significant change to your travel plans.

Note: If you submit this request less than one week before your scheduled departure date, a Letter of Support may not be issued in time for your travels.

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Student information

Travel request

Have you received your Letter of Introduction (official study permit approval) from IRCC?*

** If no, you are not eligible to travel at this time.

Do we have a copy of your Letter of Introduction and Electronic Authorization (eTA) or Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)?*

** If no, please send your documents to with your student number.

Are you currently registered in courses for the 2021 Fall term and/or 2022 Winter term?*

**If no, please contact about your registration status before further proceeding with this form.

Vaccination Status

Please select ONE statement which applies to you. Note that you will be responsible for providing the necessary documentation to Canada Border Services Agency. (one selection only)*

Quarantine Plan

All travellers must have a quarantine plan, regardless of vaccination status. Please review the guidelines from the Government of Canada.

CMTN requires its students to complete their mandatory 14 day quarantine in the Vancouver area. Review our requirements and guidelines in full detail here:

Select a choice

Preparedness for Travel and Quarantine

Are you prepared for the risks of travelling during this time of COVID-19?*

Are you prepared to bear all costs of travel and quarantine in Vancouver? This will include flights, government designated hotel costs, additional accommodation costs, possible extension of 14 day quarantine due to Day 8 COVID-19 test result delays, meals, transportation and necessities of life?*

Are you prepared for all COVID-19 testing requirements (pre-departure, upon arrival, and Day 8 of your quarantine)?*

**If yes, please ensure you meet the requirements – COVID-19 Vaccinated Travellers entering Canada

If required, are you prepared to abide by all federal requirements of the 14 day quarantine period?*

Are you prepared to continue or begin any coursework during your quarantine and will travel with all necessary technology? (Laptop is strongly recommended) Your quarantine period will not exempt you from any assignments, lectures, quizzes, etc.*

Canadian Emergency Contact

Please provide the following details of your Canadian Emergency Contact. This should be someone you know in Canada in case we cannot contact you.

If your final destination is not the campus location as stated on your Letter of Acceptance, you are expected to be at your campus location once in person instruction fully resumes.

Thank you for submitting your travel request. 

You are now required to send official documents of your travel plan in order to receive a Letter of Support.

In a one separate email, please send all of the following documents for the International Advising office to review. If documents are sent separately, this may result in delayed processing times.

Subject Line: (Student Number) TRAVEL PLAN

  • Full flight plan, including transit cities – official flight itinerary
  • Proof of vaccination (if applicable)

You may include any other additional information the International Advising office needs to know in the email  (

Please note that a Letter of Support will be issued 24 hours before departure (provided that the Travel Request Form are supporting documents are received in a timely manner).