Cannabis Cultivation Series

Gain knowledge and skills to grow your own recreational or medicinal Cannabis. 
A series of five classes. Take all courses or just a few.

*You must take Cannabis Regulations and Licensing to take others in the series. 

Cannabis Regulations and Licensing

This course will introduce the current Federal and BC Provincial regulations for Cannabis, with emphasis on home cultivation for recreational purposes and the licensing requirements for medicinal patients and/or designate growers. The course will also examine the role of municipal government and other organizations with regulatory authority as it relates to personal cultivation.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Describe the Federal and Provincial regulations as they relate to small scale production and home cultivation for both recreational and medicinal end users
  • Outline the Health Canada process for Medicinal patients wanting to produce their own medicine and/or designate someone to produce for them
  • Explain your Municipalities role in the regulation of the home cultivation process
  • Research BC Insurance regulations as they relate to small scale production and home cultivation
  • Research the Landlord & Tenant rules as they apply to home cultivation
  • Recognize the importance of keeping abreast of new and rapidly evolving regulations

Course Content

  1. Cannabis Act and Regulations including Federal Penalties
  2. Medicinal Cultivation and the ACMPR
  3. Province of BC and Bill C30 Regulations
  4. Local Government Authority
  5. Non-governmental organizations with compliance requirement


Course number:
Campuses offered:
  • Terrace
  • Prince Rupert
  • Masset


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