Cannabis Cultivation Series

Gain knowledge and skills to grow your own recreational or medicinal Cannabis. 
A series of five classes. Take all courses or just a few.

*You must take Cannabis Regulations and Licensing to take others in the series. 

Introduction to Outdoor Growing of Cannabis

This course explores outdoor Cannabis cultivation techniques for the small-scale grower.  Topics covered include botany, the Cannabis growth cycle, soils/amendments/nutrients, environmental factors and influences, strain selection and disease and pest control.  

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of the program you will be able to:
• Explain the current taxonomy of Cannabis sp.
• Identify plant anatomy structures of the Cannabis plant
• Compare and contrast the morphology of C. sativa, C. indica and C. ruderalis
• Explain basic plant physiology 
• Outline the Cannabis growth and production cycle
• Discuss soil and amendment options
• Describe the environmental  factors such as light cycles, water requirements, air circulation, humidity, and wildlife interactions that affect outdoor Cannabis cultivation
• Identify appropriate Cannabis strains for your local environment
• Troubleshoot Disease and Pest Management

Module Content
1. Botany
2. Cannabis Growth Cycle
3. Soil, Amendment and Nutrient considerations
4. Environmental Factors
a) Light Cycles
b) Water 
c) Air Circulation
d) Humidity and the Outdoors
e) Wildlife in your garden
5. Classic strain considerations for the outdoor garden
a) Regular, feminized, auto-flowering or low flyer
6. Managing Disease and Pests 

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Campuses offered:
  • Terrace
  • Prince Rupert
  • Masset
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Cannabis Regulations and Licensing
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