CMTN Academic Plan

In 2020/2021 Coast Mountain College is offering our courses and program by distributed learning. Our experienced faculty will use tools such as web-conferencing, videos, social media, textbooks, print modules, e-mail, local contexts and experiential tasks to deliver your college experience. 

CMTN students can continue on their academic journey, even in the time of COVID-19. We would like to acknowledge the resiliency and dedication of our students in these evolving times. Students are at the heart of our academic plan and we are proud to continue offering dynamic, accessible learning opportunities to support student success.

View CMTN's Academic Plan for Winter 2021

View CMTN's Academic Plan for Fall 2020

Note: Coast Mountain College may alter this plan depending on the shifting changes stemming from the ongoing pandemic. Programs which contain practical components may see delivery altered or deferred., subject to orders coming from BC's Public Health Officer.