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Coast Mountain College is a member of the BC Transfer System and participates with the BC Transfer Guide, as overseen by the BC Council on Admissions and Transfer (BCCAT). 


You can transfer CMTN courses to a number of institutions in BC that offer teaching degrees.

The University of Northern British Columbia is a popular pathway for CMTN students. Complete your entire degree in Northern, BC, either at UNBC’s Terrace or Prince George campus.

The UNBC School of Education offers the following programs:


Terrace, BC

Either a two-year concurrent Elementary (grades K-7) stream or a two-year post-degree program (runs every odd-numbered year). It is designed for university students who wish to complete a five-year Bachelor of Education degree or who wish to complete a B.Ed degree following their first undergraduate degree.

Prince George, BC

A two-year post-degree program that offers Elementary (grades K-7) and Secondary (grades 8-12) streams. It is designed for university students who have completed a first degree and wish to continue their education to become a teacher.

Pathway requirements

Check the BC Transfer Guide to discover your transfer options and make your credits count by planning ahead. Learn more about how the course transfer system works and speak with a CMTN Educational Advisor for assistance planning your pathway.

UNBC program at a glance

To earn the first 30 of 90 credits needed to apply to UNBC’s Bachelor of Education program, you can take the following courses at CMTN:

YEAR ONE (2018/19) | 30 credits total

  • ENG 101/102 - required by all BEd programs and Teacher Regulation Branch (TRB)
  • HIST 105/106 - recommended by UNBC. Gives 3 credits Canadian content required by TRB. Prepares you for year two history courses to be taken as senior credit.
  • CPS 111/MATH 190 - provides relevant elective and Math course and is recommended by UNBC BEd. Gives 3 Math credits required by TRB.
  • EITHER two semesters Bio with lab OR two semesters Geo with lab. Gives 3 credits lab science required by TRB, paves way for year two Bio or Geo courses for senior credit.
  • ANY two semesters of social sciences such as: ANTH, SOC, PSYCH, CRIM, POLI or FNST. Provides a relevant social science and paves the way to take second year courses in same discipline as senior credit.

YEAR TWO (2019/20) | 60 credits (*18 senior credits)

  • 6 credits second year HIST*
  • 6 credits second year BIO or GEO*
  • 6 second year credits ANTH or SOC or PSYCH or CRIM or POLI or FNST
  • 6 credits of first year BIO or GEO (whichever not taken in year one)
  • 6 credits of first year Social Science (whichever not taken in year one)

YEAR THREE (2020/2021) | 90 credits total (*30 senior credits)

  • 6 credits year two BIO or GEO* (whichever not yet taken)
  • 6 credits Social Science* (whichever not yet taken)
  • 6 credits electives (first and second year courses in other disciplines not yet taken)
  • 6 credits electives
  • 6 credits electives

UNBC Bachelor of Education requires applications to be submitted in March for intake in September of the same year. Next intake years are 2019 and 2021. Watch for UNBC information sessions for more details.