Chemistry of Brewing

COVID-19 Update

This field school has been cancelled in response to COVID – 19. If you are currently registered for this course, your instructor will notify you of this change. Please login to your myCMTN account to update your current email situation. Questions about this can also be directed to Gordon Weary at 

Immerse yourself in the chemistry of beer brewing as you learn about different styles of beer and how their composition and chemistry affect flavour and presentation. Through a series of lab demonstrations, lectures, field trips to local brewers, and participating in brewing a batch, you will explore the chemistry involved in the brewing, packaging, and taste of beer.

Consider the history of beer making around the world and the role beer plays in different cultures as well as its effects on human health. General principles of the chemistry of beer-making will be explored as you’ll learn the chemical changes that occur during milling, mashing, wort separation, boiling, hopping, and chilling will be explained using principles that are presented in class.

The process of fermentation will also be reviewed in detail and additional topics include the chemistry of flavour, beer styles, foam, haze, and stability.

Course | 3 credits


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May 11-29, 2020 *Cancelled

  • Terrace, BC

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