Join us for an upcoming, free student success workshop. If you have any questions prior to attending, contact us for assistance.

Upcoming sessions

Workshop feedback

Feedback on sessions, along with what session topics students feel are most needed, is appreciated to ensure that you are receiving the workshops and information that is needed to be successful.

Please complete the following survey to let us know what topics are most important to you as a student! 

Request a session

If a student is unable to attend a specific workshop, they can request a personal workshop session with a member of the LAS team by reaching out to

If an instructor would like to request a session for their course/students, they can also reach out to to arrange for this service. 

Workshops may include such topics as:

  • Academic Integrity & Cheating
  • Plagiarism, Paraphrasing & Referencing
  • APA Style Guides
  • How to Write a Paper (and use your own words)
  • Navigating Brightspace
  • Time Management
  • Test Taking Strategies
  • Reading Skills
  • Math Help
  • Budgeting