Exam invigilation

External agencies & institutional exams

Coast Mountain College provides invigilation services to students who need to write exams from other institutions that require an independent invigilator.

To schedule an exam, students must submit the online Exam Invigilation Request form below. Institutions need to contact exams@coastmountaincollege.ca directly.

All exam times are 9am at the Terrace campus. Should an exam sitting be full, or a student have multiple exams per date, it will be scheduled for 1pm.


 External exams fee's

Unless the external agency/institution pays CMTN directly for the invigilation, the cost to the student is:

Fees Description
 $50.00 (GST included)  Up to 3 hours
 $75.00 (GST included)  Exceeding 3 hours

External exams outside of schedule date (if applicable)

For exams that are invigilated outside of the scheduled date, the fee is:

Fees Description
$125.00 (GST included) Up to 3 hours
$150.00 (GST included) Exceeding 3 hours


Internal exam fees

Fees Time Description


N/A During schedule exam date
$75.00 N/A Outside of scheduled exam date (if applicable)

Exam invigilation request form

  • Fill in your information below to schedule an exam invigilation date.
  • Choose an exam session date from the appropriate campus schedule above. Ensure the date matches your exam format, if applicable  (i.e. online or written.)
  • Submit an exam invigilation request form for each exam.
  • Send any required forms or documents to exams@coastmountaincollege.ca following the submission of your exam invigilation request form. Include your name and requested exam date in the email subject line.

Student information

Campus & exam date


Choose a date from the above schedule. Ensure it is the correct date for your exam format i.e. written on online.

Exam information

Exam format

i.e. MATH 101, Owner Builder
i.e. 3 hours