Do you have questions about life after graduation?

Wondering how you can advance your career?

Get your questions answered with CMTN's networking program.

Coast Mountain College alumni, faculty and industry partners have signed up to answer your questions and prepare you for career opportunities. Ask a question, meet for coffee - virtually or in person. Get answers and hear the stories of peers who have been where you are now.  

CMTN Connect

Our networking program enables you to build diverse relationships, preparing you for the new world of work.

  • Join and get matched to alumni, faculty, community liaisons or industry partners based on your career interests and goals.
  • Suggest a time to meet, in-person, by phone or online from the comfort of your home, and receive conversation themes and icebreakers for each chat.
  • Receive an official LinkedIn certification to recognize your commitment to continuous learning and career advancement.
  • All introductions are sent directly to your preferred inbox, schedule a time, and get an invite to connect.

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The importance of networking

As a student at Coast Mountain College, you have access to alumni and industry partners with valuable life and career advice to share. With 85% of jobs being filled via networking and 2.4 million jobs available over the next four years, the time to build your network is now. The top skills companies are looking for across ALL industries are active listening, speaking, critical thinking and social perceptiveness. Improve these skills by connecting with others, sharing your story and asking thoughtful questions.

  • Gain a better understanding of what careers are available with your credential
  • Develop your networking and communications skills through real-world practice
  • Build your network of CMTN alumni and partners based on their industry and interests 


Networking FAQs

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