CMTN awards, bursaries, & scholarships 

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, student success at Coast Mountain College (CMTN) is supported by easing financial burdens and rewarding success through our CMTN Awards, Bursaries & Scholarships program.

To be eligible, an applicant must be a Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident or Protected Person, and a resident of British Columbia.

This recorded session will give some insights into Awards, Bursaries and Scholarships available for part-time and full-time students. Meet our Financial Aid Officer, Allison Conway, and how she can help you.

  • The Alma VanDusen Fund, held at the Vancouver Foundation, provides bursaries that assist full-time, female students in financial need who have identified academic or vocational education goals and demonstrated their ability to reach them. The amount of bursaries and their values vary from year-to-year.

    The Vancouver Foundation is dedicated to creating healthy, vibrant and livable communities in BC and across Canada. Together with donors, they have been making meaningful and lasting impacts on communities for 76 years.


    Deadline: October 30 & February 15
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  • Thanks to generous donations from BC Hydro to the Coast Mountain College Endowment Fund, a $500 award is available annually to a student enrolled in the University Credit program who leads a balanced lifestyle and is knowledgeable and committed to the efficient and safe use of electricity and protection of the environment. Preference will be given to a female or Indigenous student.

    Deadline: October 30
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  • In partnership with the BC Oil and Gas Commission's Indigenous Education Program, Coast Mountain College is able to provide 3 annual awards of $1,000 each to students enrolled in the following programs (1) Trades or Vocational, (2) University Credit Arts or Science, or (3) Business Administration.

    *Note: The First Nations Fine Arts program is not eligible

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  • Thanks to the goodwill and foresight of the late Joan Belyea, the John Robert Belyea and Joan Elsie Belyea Scholarship and Bursary Fund was established at the Vancouver Foundation. The same generosity and community spirit was shared by Mark and Phae Collins, and Dorien Ingledow who created the Mark and Phae Collins Fund and the Ingledow Bursary Fund, respectively.

    The Vancouver Foundation is dedicated to creating healthy, vibrant and livable communities in BC and across Canada. Together with donors, they have been making meaningful and lasting impacts on communities for 76 years.

    Accordingly, the Belyea, Collins, Ingledow Bursaries are available to assist full-time students experiencing financial need, who are in good academic standing, and who have identified academic or vocational education goals and demonstrated the ability to reach them. The amount and values of the bursaries vary year to year.

    Deadline: October 30 & February 15
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  • William McLennan has been an integral asset to the Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art.  His dedication to the study of Northwest Coast Art has been supportive to artists from various nations. 

    In 1975, McLennan began working at the Museum of Anthropology.  In 1993, he began curating exhibits. His first exhibit as curator was called 'The Transforming Image,' after his discovery through extensive research that infrared film could reveal Northwest Coast paintings that had disappeared under the patina of age. 

    'The Transforming Image' is studied by Freda Diesing First Nations Fine Arts students and will be for years to come. The book helps current generations of Northwest Coast First Nations access the creative achievement of their ancestors and build on the cultural knowledge that the old paintings reveal.

    When Bill retired from his work at the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver, a study grant was established in his name. McLennan retired on October 31, 2013. The grant will be offered to two students from the 3rd year of the Freda Diesing program to travel and study ancestral objects at the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver, British Columbia.

    Award Covers:

    • Return flight from Terrace to Vancouver (3 days, 2 nights);
    • 2 Nights stay on-campus at the University of British Columbia; 
    • $75 Per diem for meals for 3 days ($225);
    • Taxi to and from the airport to campus accommodations ($40); 
    • Airport parking in Terrace ($30).
    Deadline: February
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  • Through donations to the Coast Mountain College Endowment Fund, co-workers established this $500 bursary when Brian retired from Coast Mountain College after 28 years as the Registrar. During these years Brian demonstrated a commitment to students and was instrumental in establishing the Endowment Fund and Bursary program. This award is to recognize success in the first semester of the school year by a full-time, fee paying student who is having difficulty funding their education.
    Deadline: February 15
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  • Funds for the Bulkley Valley Community Award have been raised by CMTN Foundation fundraising activities in the region including the annual CMTN Fundraising Golf Tournament in Smithers.  Thanks to the generous support of businesses and community members who sponsor and participate in these events, this award will help build capacity in the Bulkley Valley. 

    This award will be given as 1 x $800 to a full-time student; or, 2 x $400 to two part-time students.

    Deadline: Oct 30
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  • The BV Electric - Powering Your Future Award is available to CMTN students enrolled in the Electrical Foundations program (including ACE-IT).

    The $9,000 donated will be distributed over a period of 8 years. In 2016, $2,500 will be awarded to two students; from 2017 to 2022, two awards of $500 will be given annually; and, in the last year of 2023, one award in the amount of $500 will be given.

    Deadline: November 15, February 15
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  • This award is provided by the Resources Exposition Society of BC. Two awards of $500 each are available to mature students enrolled in the Coast Mountain College Harmonized Carpentry Foundations program and will be issued to eligible candidates after stable enrollment. 


    General Award Application - Printable Version (PDF)

    Deadline: October 30 & February 15
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  • Through generous donations from retired staff and faculty member, Dr. David Try, PhD and Mrs. Susan Bevan-Try, Coast Mountain College is pleased to offer the CAZ Business Administration Bursaries.  One bursary valued at $600 will be offered in each of the fall and winter semesters to eligible Business Administration students.  To apply, complete the general awards application form and submit to your local campus registration staff by the application dates. 

    Deadline: Oct 30, Feb 15
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