About COLT


Carrie Nolan
Dean of Learning Transformation

250-635-6511 Ext. 5414
807-707-4587 Cell

Carrie is an award winning experiential educator, cross Canada paddler and Kickass Canadian (yes, really!). With a PhD in Education, Masters in Experiential Education and undergrads in Outdoor Rec and Geography, Carrie aims to increase educative encounters in higher education, helping instructors to engage students in meeting themselves, others and the world.

To learn more see carrienolanphd.com.

Contact Carrie to look at learning outcomes, incorporate more experiential place based learning, chat challenges and if you really want to get her going, bring up epistemology! 


Bridie O'Brien
Associate Dean, Aboriginal Learning Transformation

250-842-5291 Ext. 5501

Bridie has been working with Coast Mountain College since 2011. She began her career with CMTN as a First Nations Access Coordinator. After completing her Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) in 2016, Bridie began her new role as Associate Dean.

Bridie holds a deep rooted knowledge and connectedness to the local First Nations. Bridie is a member of the Gitxsan First Nation, she lives and works on the Traditional Territory of the Gitxsan people, in Hazelton BC.

Contact Bridie to share ideas and pose questions regarding Indigenization as well as research.

Adam2Adam Nash
Learning Transformation Specialist

250-635-6511 Ext. 5234

The seeds of my career in learning began as a restless student, gazing out the window, longing for adventure… and the recess bell to ring. During this time, my curiosity and desire to explore and learn was often cultivated outside of the traditional classroom. It wasn’t until after high school that I realized learning was bigger than my restless self had first encountered.

My journey in post secondary education began with a diploma in Ski Resort Management, was furthered with an undergrad in Outdoor Leadership and an MA in Environmental Education and Communication. Formal education helped to shape a strong foundation in experiential learning. And with this learning grew an openness to seeing educational possibilities both inside and beyond our classrooms with four walls.

Vocationally, I have previous global and diverse experiences teaching and facilitating groups, working with at-risk youth, and working toward positive social change. When I am not on the clock, I love spending time with my family. I also enjoy baking bread, biking, hiking, skiing, and questing to make and enjoy a perfect cup of coffee.

tracey2Tracey Woodburn
Learning Technologist

250.635.6511 Ext. 5340

Tracey has been working in education for 18 years; most recently as a researcher and project manager with Athabasca University. Many of these projects involved working with innovative educational technologies.

Her areas of interest include: mobile learning, open educational resources, and media and information literacy. Tracey has worked with the Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers, UNESCO and the University of Qatar, onsite in Doha, Qatar. She has an MEd from Athabasca University and a BA in International Studies from UNBC.

Tracey spent her 3rd year of university at Osaka International University in Hirakata, Japan, later returning to Miyazaki to teach for three years. Tracey has travelled extensively in Canada and abroad on solo adventures and with her young family.

RennaRenna Marcotte
Administrative Assistant

250.635.6511 Ext. 5238   

By trade Renna is a welder, earning her Red Seal from SAIT and the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board in 2005. She worked for the International  Ironworkers Union in the field until 2008 when she was asked to be the assistant to the Apprenticeship Coordinator for Southern Alberta. In 2010 she became the first female apprenticeship coordinator in Canada and only the second in the International Union. She returned to Northern BC to be with family and to work at the Kitimat Modernization Project.

In 2014 Renna took a part time job with Coast Mountain College as a welding instructor for the Introduction to Trades program. She has worked in various departments around the College and in August of 2018 took the position of administrative assistant to Carrie Nolan and the COLT team. Today she assists with the day to day logistics and coordination of the department. As someone who was born and raised in the area, and is now raising her family here, she appreciates the value of integrating our unique environment into education and creating adventurous pathways for the members of our communities and abroad.


Lana Reid
Universal Design for Learning Specialist

250.635.6511 Ext. 5812

Lana has been working in education for 12 years; most recently as a course developer, program coordinator, instructor, and internal reviewer for Coast Mountain College. Lana’s professional background includes working with both students and teachers to create supportive, engaging, successful learning experiences for all students. Her areas of interest include: universal design for learning, inclusion, differentiated learning, overcoming barriers to learning, student engagement, accessibility, technology in learning, and experiential learning. She has an MA from the University of Regina, a BScH from Acadia University, and a BLS from the University of Presque Isle, Maine. Lana is originally from the East Coast but has been living in Smithers, BC, for the past three years.

Lana will support our efforts towards creating optimal learning for all our students by supporting instructors' efforts to incorporate the Universal Design for Learning framework into their programs and in helping to create a campus learning environment for all staff and students that is embedded in the principles of Universal Design. This will include workshops and one-to-one support in Universal Design, with an additional focus on developing stronger channels for accessibility, communication, support, and resource development/access.