Pre-arrival checklist

*COVID-19 update*

  • Please review this checklist to ensure you are fully prepared for your journey to Canada during this time of COVID-19. There are current restrictions in place that you must be aware of, as well as additional guidelines and expectations from Coast Mountain College.
  • Coast Mountain College must be aware of all students entering Canada from International travel at this time. Do not make any reservations until the International Student Advisor has acknowledged your intentions of travelling before your program start date.
  • Students are advised not to plan their arrival no earlier than 4 weeks before their program start date.

1. Immigration (Study Permit/Visa)

To study in Canada, you must apply for a study permit before coming to Canada. You are highly encouraged to apply for a study permit as soon as you receive your acceptance letter from the College. 

General information for study permits is here. To find out more about study permit application click here
Depending on the passport nationality, you may need to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV; also known as visitor visa) or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to be eligible to enter Canada legally. 

Click here to find out if you need a TRV, eTA or not. If your study permit application is approved, your TRV or eTA will be issued automatically. You do not need to apply separately. 

For more information on Canadian immigration, please refer to the IRCC website.  

2. After study permit gets approved

Email a scanned copy of you study permit or POE Letter of Introduction (also known as your study permit approval letter to (include your CMTN student number) as soon as you receive it. Your study permit or study permit approval letter (also known as your POE Letter of introduction) issued by the Canadian Immigration, IRCC. TRV is a sticker-like immigration document pasted on your passport. 

If you do not send us a copy of your study permit or POE Letter of Introduction, we will be unable to review your travel plans and issue a Letter of Support.

3. Get Registered

As a new International student, your registration is done through the International Student Advisor and the Registrar’s Office. You must review the Course Planning Sheet which the International Student Advisor will send you and authorize registration via email. The Registrar’s Office will complete your registration for you and send you a confirmation. It is important that your email address is up to date on file with the College.

4. Know Before You Go

Before submitting your travel intentions to the International Student Advisor, make sure you know what to expect for your journey to Canada. At this time, the mandatory 14 day quarantine is still in effect, as well as additional COVID-19 testing requirements. 
Coast Mountain College requires students entering Canada from International travel to complete the entire 14 day quarantine period at Port of Entry (Vancouver). Only after completing quarantine with no symptoms can a student proceed to their campus location. 
Be prepared for possible delays in COVID-19 testing in Canada during quarantine, as well as other potential risks (additional costs, health risks, possibility of being refused entrance to Canada or denied boarding).

5. Submit Your Acknowledgement of Travel Plan form

Fill out the Acknowledgement of Travel Plan form to let the International Student Advisor know your travel intentions. Do not make any bookings until the International Student Advisor acknowledges your request. Please expect 3-5 Business days for an acknowledgement via email.

6. Make your reservations

Book your air ticket to Port of Entry (Vancouver) only if your study permit application is approved and the ISA has acknowledged your travel request. Students who have not received a final decision on their study permit are not eligible to travel at this time.

All international students will need to travel with a quarantine plan, regardless of vaccination status. Make sure your quarantine plan allows you to safely isolate from others, while being able to access the necessities of life (contactless delivery, for example).

You must submit all of your reservation documents to the International Student Advisor in order for a Letter of Support to be issued for your travel.   

7. Prepare for your arrival to Canada

Visit the preparing to arrive section of our website to learn more about:

Arriving in Canada
Border entry
Getting here
Checking in
Medical insurance

Be sure to download and read CMTN's International Student Handbook [PDF] Effective for Fall 2021 & Winter 2022, please see CMTN's International Safe Travel, Quarantine & Arrival Requirements [PDF]