Getting here

COVID-19 travel updates

New requirements for entry to Canada as of February 22, 2021

Travelers entering Canada will be required to take a COVID 19 testing upon arrival. While waiting for results, travelers will need to stay at a government designated hotel – cost of testing and hotel stay to be paid by the traveler. Travelers are required to book a government-authorized hotel for 3 nights prior to departure to Canada. The mandatory 14 day quarantine must still be completed after receiving negative results.

Please read the latest news release for more information. For further information regarding the mandatory testing upon and arrival and stay at a government designated hotel, please visit the Government of Canada website

Please notify our international student advisor, Myrna Ordona before you make any travel plans.

Travel to Prince Rupert

Air Canada is temporarily suspending flights to and from Prince Rupert - YPR (as of January 18th 2021). Air Canada is the only commercial air carrier that travels to and from Prince Rupert. The closest airport located to the community is approximately 2 hours away in Terrace, which is still in operation. For more details visit Air Canada.

What does this mean for our International Students?

For Prince Rupert campus students, extra planning will need to be taken into consideration at this time: 

  • Long term accommodation in Prince Rupert 
  • Logistics of travel up to Prince Rupert after completion of quarantine in Vancouver. It’s possible for students to fly to Terrace and take a bus to Prince Rupert. This will involve proper planning, extra costs, preparedness for weather conditions. I would advise students communicate with me if they want to explore this option.

If you have any questions contact the International Student Advisor at

Once you arrive

Once you arrive in Canada there are a few different options to get to our campus locations. Visit the admissions section of our site for a complete list of transportation options.

Most international students arrive by air. Prior to your arrival ensure you are familiar with your final campus destination which will be listed in your acceptance letter. Please make sure you select the correct airport for your airport transfer:

 Airport  Code
 Terrace  YXT
 Prince Rupert  YPR
 Smithers  YYD


You may transit or layover in Vancouver (YVR) but do not land in at the Vancouver International Airport as your final destination. YVR is located 1500 kilometres away from Terrace and will take 15-16 hours to get to Terrace from Vancouver. Please plan ahead and accordingly.

Check the baggage policy in advance, you might need to pay extra fees for checked baggage. We suggest bringing some Canadian currency cash before you arrive or you may visit the money exchange at the Vancouver Airport (YVR).

On arrival to Terrace (YXT), Prince Rupert (YPR), or Smithers (YYD), you will need to arrange your own transportation to your accommodation.

Terrace transportation

At the Terrace airport (YXT) you may call for a taxi using the airport phone located at the arrival hall (near the exit door). It will take 10-12 minutes to get to the downtown area. Bring some Canadian cash with you to pay for the taxi (approximately $25-$30 per trip) or an ATM machine is available at both YXT and YVR.The Terrace taxi (Kalum cab) phone number is 250.635.7177. Alternatively, you may book a shuttle online in advance. Visit for details. Shuttle fees are approximately $15 per trip.

Prince Rupert transportation

At the Prince Rupert airport (YPR) there are free shuttle busses at the airport. You may take the free shuttle to get to downtown Prince Rupert and from there you will need to make your way to your accommodation. The Prince Rupert campus is walking distance away from downtown Prince Rupert. Please do not fly to the Terrace airport (YXT) if your program is running out of Prince Rupert. It is a 1.5 hour drive from Terrace to Prince Rupert.

Smithers transportation

At the Smithers airport (YYD) you may call for a taxi to arrange for a pick-up. No shuttle service is available. The Smithers taxi (BV Taxi Service) phone number is 250.847.2306. Bring some Canadian cash with you to pay for the taxi or an ATM machine is available at both YYD and YVR. Please do not fly to the Terrace airport (YXT) if your program is running out of Smithers. It is a 2 hour drive from Terrace to Smithers.

Next steps?

Be sure to contact us in advance with your travel dates and arrival times.  If you have questions regarding booking your airport transportation email our International student advisor at: