Time sheets

Welcome to the payroll team

The Payroll team is dedicated to paying our employees on time and accurately. Paydays are bi-weekly, every second Friday. Your pay will be deposited directly into your bank account upon receipt of a Direct Deposit Authorization Form. Pay advances will be emailed to your work or personal email address.

Regular employees

Regular Employees are paid salary up to and including payday. Sick days, vacation days, absences without pay, etc. are recorded on Monthly Staff Reports (MSR). Some regular employees work hours that are too varied to be paid on salary. In these cases, they are paid via time sheets. If you are required to  complete time sheets it will be clearly stated in your letter of appointment.

Auxiliary employees

Auxiliary employees are paid via time sheets exclusively. Please complete a time sheet with total hours worked each day and submit it to your Supervisor on time. Your Supervisor will review, authorize and forward your time sheet to Payroll for processing. You will then be paid for these approved hours on the next pay day.

Time sheets & guidelines

There are two types of time sheets. One is for Instructors and the other is for Support Staff. Please take the time to read the guidelines provided. Time sheets are to be filled out correctly and submitted to your supervisor on time. Failure to do so may result in delays in your pay.

Access timesheets and guidelines in the SharePoint Employee portal:

Employee Portal

Payroll calendar

For a printable copy of the current payroll calendar please visit the SharePoint Employee portal:

 Employee Portal

Payroll questions?

If you have any questions about your pay, please feel free to contact members of the Payroll Team.