We are here to support you, as instructors, as you engage learners in experiential place-based learning through adventurous pedagogy, innovation and technology.

The Centre of Learning Transformation (COLT) seeks to foster a culture of teaching and learning where we share together as we grow in confidence and competence, sharing our love of our disciplines with learners. We provide space for collaboration and discussion, workshops, courses and online training.

Contact the Centre for Learning Transformation at COLT@coastmountaincollege.ca to request technology assistance or coaching with learning design and delivery. 

  • COLT indigenization


    Local Indigenous communities within the College region support and guide the College’s ability to provide and grow Indigenous culture and knowledge into the student experience. Moving forward, we will continue to identify more ways we can strengthen our responsiveness and responsibility to Indigenous learners and communities. 

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  • Experiential and place-based learning at CMTN

    CMTN hosted the BCcampus 2019 Learning Symposium which focused on the transformation of approaches and practices to teaching and learning. With 140 participants at our Terrace campus, this was the first time the Learning Symposium was held outside of the greater Vancouver area and it was sold out! 

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  • Learning local and place-based education.

    Wolfgang, a Hydrology student from the University Transfer program, enjoys the education he gets outside of the four walls of a classroom at CMTN. Doing fieldwork that is transferable to a job site is an invaluable career-ready experience.

    At Coast Mountain College we aim to be the college of choice for experiential, place-based learning. We're allowing students to learn both in the classroom and in the spectacular outdoor spaces that are so unique to this part of Canada.

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  • Work Integrated Learning

    What is Work-Integrated Learning (WIL)?

    WIL is the intentional integration of a student’s academic studies within a workplace or practice setting. WIL experiences include an engaged partnership between an academic institution, a host organization and a student (CEWIL Canada).

    Coast Mountain College recognizes the importance of broadening and building on students’ knowledge and discipline-related skills by bridging institutional-based learning with experience in the field. WIL experiences allow students to combine their academic studies with real-life work experience. This means they get to work with a company or organization, alongside professionals, while they study. 

    Work Integrated Learning with CMTN

COLT Articulation


Course articulation is important to help our students build on their Coast Mountain College experiences and access opportunities for further education and training. 

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