Coast Mountain College (CMTN) supports a culture of inclusion, awareness, transformation, and successful learning outcomes for all students. Coast Mountain College region is within the Traditional territories of six (6) Indigenous Nations and 27 First Nations communities. The Indigenous student population has increased at the College to 56%.

Self-declaring your nationality and/or status is an opportunity to showcase pride in your individual heritage! Self-declaring also gives students the opportunity to utilize services at Coast Mountain College that are aimed to support their Indigenous student success.

When you as an Indigenous student self-declare, you are opening up a world of opportunities including but not limited to assistance from the Indigenous Student Success Coordinators, scholarships, bursaries, and cultural events and activities.

How does self declaration help Coast Mountain College you ask?

Self-declaration statistics helps CMTN determine and apply for resources and supports for Indigenous students. Also, with accurate statistics, we’ll determine if we’re successful at being the college of choice for Indigenous students.