Strategic plan for new employees

Coast Mountain College created a new strategic plan in 2017. The plan has three core values which will be integrated into the work you do:


  • We explore and take risks to engage in learning
  • Explore new ways to move courses into the field
  • Love to help potential students explore new career journeys
  • Seek to discover new ways to apply pedagogy to our teaching processes
  • Seek unique ways to engage partners and non-traditional partners
  • Don’t let geography or climate prevent us from making education accessible 


  • We enrich lives through learning.
  • Include experiential learning in our program renewal
  • Transform learning spaces to respond to an ever changing educational landscape
  • Help others improve their lives, families and communities through education.
  • Help others in the communities we serve, to seek new career opportunities to improve their lives.
  • Award and recognize how distinguished alumni have transformed their lives
  • Use mobile training units to take education to our communities
  • Embed our schools in a cultural context. 


  • We are respectful, transparent and accountable.
  • Do the right things when at times it might not be popular
  • Communicate with clarity so everyone can understand our intent
  • Are consistent and accountable in everything we do
  • Communicate and discuss our plans through town hall meetings
  • Stick to our course decisions
  • Practice social, environmental, and financial sustainability