Registration, tuition and lab fees

For more detailed information on fees specific to your program of admission please refer to the program webpage.  

Seniors and former youth-in-care may be eligible for tuition-free courses. Please inquire to Enrollment Services ( International students with an indigenous heritage may also be eligible for domestic tuition fees.

Mandatory student registration fees

Fee type Fee amount  Per credit or flat rate
Infrastructure $0.61 Per credit or $.59 per week in weekly billed programs
Technology $4.13 Per credit or $3.87 per week in weekly billed programs
Student Association $32.34 Per semester flat fee
Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) $9.52 Per semester flat fee
Registration $2.04 Per credit or $2.08 per week in weekly billed programs
Graduation $0.58 Per credit or $0.73 per week in weekly billed programs
International $23.35 Here2Talk program - a counselling service available in all languages at any time of the day or night.
International $292.89 Flat rate health insurance fee for international students in programs longer than 6 months. Health insurance may be charged as a variable rate for students who are registered in programs shorter than 6 months.

Tuition fees

Base level tuition fees are assessed at $96.90 per credit or $74.23 per week depending on the program. Not all programs use base level tuition, please check individual program fees on the catalogue. The College may offer additional programs at differential fee levels based on locally identified needs and demands.

Materials and lab fees

A materials or lab fee is added to the assessment for some courses and programs to reflect course delivery costs. These fees vary from $13.94 to $53.06 per week for trades programs and $16.17 per credit for laboratory courses.

Tuition fee categories

CMTN has four tuition categories. To determine what programs fall under each category see the fee categories table below.

Category Type of program Fee payments
Category 1  Credit billed programs Students in these programs pay for courses by the credit.
Category 2 Weekly billed programs Students in these programs pay fees based on the number of weeks to the end of the semester in which they are registered. Some programs have fixed intake and exit dates, some have continuous entry and exit dates.
Category  3 Part-time weekly billed programs Students enrolled in weekly billed programs less than 10 hours per week are assessed fees at 50% of full-time weekly billed programs.
Category  4

International fees 

Post-secondary studies are partially subsidized by the provincial ministries for Canadian citizens and landed immigrants. International students are not covered by the subsidies and pay a higher tuition as a result. View our International site to learn more about applying as an international student. 
Program Per credit or weekly billed
Adult Special Education - Workplace Skills Training Weekly - fixed
Applied Coastal Ecology (ACE) - Diploma Per credit
Automotive Apprentice - Level 2 Weekly - fixed
Automotive Apprentice - Level 3 Weekly - fixed
Automotive Foundation Weekly - fixed
Automotive Service Technician - Apprentice Level 4 Weekly - fixed
Business Administration Per credit
Business Technology Online - Accounting Per credit
Business Technology Online - Administrative Assistant Per credit
Business Technology Online - Office Assistant Per credit
Career and College Prep (CCP) Weekly - continuous
Carpentry Apprentice Weekly - fixed
Carpentry Foundation Weekly - fixed
Community, Crime and Social Justice Certificate Per credit
Culinary Arts Certificate - Professional Cook 1 and 2 Weekly - fixed
Culinary Arts Diploma - Professional Cook 3 Weekly - fixed
Early Childhood Education Diploma Per credit
Electrical Apprentice Weekly - fixed
Electrical Foundation Weekly - fixed
English as a Second Language Weekly - continuous
Essential Skills for Work Weekly - continuous
First Nations Fine Art - Certificate Per credit
First Nations Fine Art - Diploma Per credit
Health Care Assistant Weekly - continuous
Heavy Duty Mechanic Apprentice - Level 1 Weekly - fixed
Heavy Duty Mechanic Foundation - ACE-IT and Apprentice Level 1 Weekly - fixed
Millwright Apprentice Weekly - fixed
Millwright Foundation and ACE-IT Weekly - fixed
Nursing BScN - Year 1 Per credit
Nursing BScN - Year 2 Per credit
Plumber Apprentice - Level 1 Weekly - fixed
Practical Nursing Per credit
Professional Cook Apprentice 3 Weekly - fixed
Social Service Worker (SSW) Per credit
Special Education Assistant None
Trades Access Weekly - fixed
University Credit Per credit
Welding A Weekly - continuous
Welding B Weekly - continuous
Welder Foundation

Weekly - fixed