Indigenous support team

Ali and Bridie

Student supports are instrumental in increasing enrollment, retention, and success rates for all students.

A staffing structure at Coast Mountain College has been developed to better serve the specific needs of our Indigenous students. Coast Mountain College is proud to have staff that we have dedicated to delivering the services outlined below.

Since the hiring of First Nations Access Coordinators in 1995, Indigenous student services and community relations have evolved. As of 2016, we now have Ali McDougall in the role of Aboriginal Relations and Executive Advisor to the President’s Office. We also have Bridie O’Brien in the role of Executive Director, Indigenization.

This team approach means that all levels of college administration are able to collaborate and contribute to Aboriginal student success.

Team approach

Ali McDougall
Indigenous Relations and Executive Advisor to the President’s Office
250.635.6511 Ext. 5491
250.638.5461 Fax


  • To build and maintain community partnerships and relationships with First Nations leaders
  • To assist with the Stepping Stones document, ensuring goals, objectives, and actions are monitored and implemented
  • To develop and monitor a First Nations Protocol document
  • To work collaboratively with the Associate Dean, Indigenous Learning Transformation 

Bridie O'Brien
Executive Director, Indigenization
250.842.5291 Ext. 5501
250.842.5813 Fax


  • To lead the development and implementation of services that will enhance Aboriginal students’ cultural, academic, personal, and social development at CMTN
  • To supervise First Nations Access Coordinators
  • To develop and maintain collaborative relationships with local communities and partners
  • To act as first-line supervisor for campus staff and students, campus operations, and administration at the Hazelton campus 

Kāshā (Julie Morris)
Instructor / Learning Transformation Specialist – Indigenization
250.624.6054 Ext. 5797


  • Supports faculty to indigenize curriculum and pedagogy
  • Supports a First Peoples Information and Resource Centre in BrightSpace
  • Works closely with the Centre of Learning Transformation (COLT) to co-create/facilitate workshops
  • CMTN Instructor for First Nations Studies, English, Education and Career Planning, Mathematics, and Computer Studies. Read her faculty bio.

First Nations Access Coordinators (FNAC)

Contact our First Nations Access Coordinators 

FNAC group


  • Be the first point of contact for both Aboriginal students and First Nations education coordinators
  • Provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for Aboriginal students
  • Assist Indigenous students in the transition to CMTN
  • Provide support in accessing economic, emotional, and social resources
  • Ensure Indigenous students have what they need, to be successful at CMTN
  • Undertake Indigenous student recruitment, when appropriate
  • Coordinate and host cultural and spiritual events, activities, and workshops