Our core values

At Coast Mountain College, our core values are guiding principles to help us make decisions and determine priorities in our day-to-day work. 


We explore and take risks to engage in learning.


We enrich lives through learning.


We are respectful, transparent, accountable, and inclusive.

We live adventure when we:

  • Explore new ways to move courses into the field
  • Help people on their journeys to new careers
  • Seek out and implement new approaches and pedagogy
  • Seek new ways to engage existing and potential partners in education
  • Make education accessible, regardless of geographic challenges 

We live transformation when we:

  • Include experiential learning in our programming
  • Transform learning spaces to respond to the evolving educational landscape
  • Help people improve their lives, families, and communities through education
  • Help people to discover new career opportunities
  • Recognize how alumni have transformed their lives
  • Take education to our communities
  • Embed education in a cultural context 

We live integrity when we:

  • Do the right things – even if they are not always popular
  • Communicate our intentions with clarity
  • Are consistent and accountable in everything we do
  • Discuss our plans openly
  • Stick to our course decisions
  • Practice social, environmental, and financial sustainability 

Our Core Purpose

We create adventurous pathways to transform lives.


By 2027, we will be the college of choice for experiential, place-based learning.

* Big Hairy Audacious Goal!