Indigenous support FAQs

CMTN is committed to keeping you up to date on our response to COVID-19.  We are busing preparing for the Fall 2020 semester and are delivering our programs via Distributed Learning.

Continue to check back on our Indigenous support FAQs for updates.

First Nations Access Coordinators

Indigenous Access FAQs - FNACs

  • What do First Nations Access Coordinators (FNAC) do?

  • Where are the FNACs located?

  • How can I contact the FNACs?

  • What hours are the FNACs available?

  • What should I do if I notice harassment or discrimination?

Funding & support

Indigenous Access FAQs - Funding & Support

  • What is my first step if I want to come to CMTN?

  • How do I access funding?

  • I am struggling financially, is there anything that can help?

  • Will taking Distributed Learning courses affect my funding/sponsorship?

  • I do not have a laptop or computer to use, how can I access my courses?

  • How can I access counselling?

  • What supports are available to access food?

Culture & events

Indigenous Access FAQs - Culture & Events