Indigenous support FAQs

First Nations Access Coordinators

Indigenous Access FAQs - FNACs

  • What do First Nations Access Coordinators (FNAC) do?

  • Where are the FNACs located?

  • How can I contact the FNACs?

  • What hours are the FNACs available?

  • What should I do if I notice harassment or discrimination?

Funding & support

Indigenous Access FAQs - Funding & Support

  • What is my first step if I want to come to CMTN?

  • How do I access funding?

  • I am struggling financially, is there anything that can help?

  • Will taking Distributed Learning courses affect my funding/sponsorship?

  • I do not have a laptop or computer to use, how can I access my courses?

  • How can I access counselling?

  • What supports are available to access food?

Culture & events

Indigenous Access FAQs - Culture & Events