Directors contacts

Name Position Department Campus Phone / Extension / Fax / Cell
Brian Badge Executive Director, Advancement and Foundation CAO
CMTN Foundation, Management, Directors, Administration
P: 250.635.6511
Ext: 5402
Colin Elliott Director of Applied Research, Libraries, and Emerging Technologies
Library, Management, Directors, Administration
P: 250.635.6511
Ext: 5298
Denis Caron Director (Interim), Ancillary & Facility Services
Food Services, Management, Facilities Maintenance, Facilities, Directors, Ancillary Services, Administration
P: 250.638.5426
Ext: 5426
Kelly Swain Director, Workforce Training & Contract Services (WTCS) and Trades
Trades, Administration, Management, Directors, Workforce Training & Contract Services
P: 250.638.5428
Ext: 5428
F: 250.638.5433
Marc Snelling Director, Information and Communication Services
Management, IT Services, Directors, Administration
P: 250.635.6511
Ext: 5412
F: 250.638.5432
Ruth Hidber Director, Finance
Management, Finance, Directors, Administration
P: 250.638.5472
Ext: 5472
F: 250.635.3511
Sarah Zimmerman Executive Director, Communications
Management, Directors, Communications
P: 250.638.5494
Ext: 5494
F: 250.638.5432
Stephen Salem Director, Institutional Research & Registrar
Student Records, Administration, Registration, Registrar's Office, Management, Directors, Admissions & Registration
P: 250.638.5471
Ext: 5471
F: 250.638.5432