Made in the North - Northern Savings Credit Union Awards




Northern Savings Credit Union is proud to have been a part of the financial co-operative movement since 1940. The Made in the North - Northern Savings Credit Union Awards align with our vision statement of "Neighbours helping neighbours to build sustainable communities." The awards recognize students in their academic pursuits in the areas of Community, Financial Literacy, Leadership, and Environment. Students obtaining these awards will be future leaders in strengthening and growing Northwest communities.

Four awards valued at $1,000 each will be distributed to students from the following program areas:

In the event that there are no qualified applicants for one or more of these categories, multiple awards may be given in other categories as outlined above for which there is demand.


To be eligible a student must:

  • Be enrolled part-time (less than 59% course load) or full-time (60% course load min) in one of the four designations described above;
  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.0;
  • Demonstrate financial need.


General Award Application - Printable Version (PDF)

Campus locations:

  • Terrace
  • Prince Rupert

Funding source

  • CMTN - Foundation


February 15