• N Rehn

Nicki Rehn

Acting Dean of Learning Transformation
Residing campus
  • Terrace
Nicki has been an educator for over 26 years. Her career thus far has been rich and varied, including being a hike guide, swim and lifesaving instructor, math and science teacher. K-12 school administrator, education professor, instructional designer, researcher and consultant. She considers herself an educational generalist but specializes in math pedagogy, technology (including VC), competency-based evaluation, and instructional coaching. Nicki always promotes innovation and experiential and place-based learning when working with teachers and students. She believes that the most important parts of teaching are the teacher and the mind and motivation of the learner. 

There are three things that Nicki can't live without - running, wilderness (preferably mountains), and travel. When not trying to improve education, you will find Nicki somewhere in the world, on top of a mountain or competing in an ultra-marathon. She hails from Australia and still speaks with a funny accent, but is Canadian to the core.