ID Card

About your Coast Mountain College All-In-One ID card.

When you start your studies at Coast Mountain College you are required to get an CMTN ID card.  Students at the Terrace campus can get their card at the PrintShop, below the Waap Haawk Cafeteria, in the House of Birch building.  Students at all other campuses can contact the Registration office for assistance.

Your ID card expires 1 year from the date of issue.

Card front

On the front of the card is your student number and a barcode (which is your student number in barcode form).  If you are a Trades student you will need this to take out tools from the tool crib.

Card Front

Card back

On the back of the card is your library card, which never expires. The Coast Mountain College Library has more than just books, they lend bicycles, fishing rods and snow shoes to name a few.  If you are no longer a student our library is still free to use so keep your expired ID card!

Card Back

Card chip

There is a chip inside the card, so please do NOT bend the card.  If the card breaks or is lost, it will cost $15.00 + tax to replace, payable at the registration desk.

The card chip acts as a key if you are a dorm student.  This key will open your dorm room, and depending on your program, your instructor may also authorize other door access with this key.

The card chip also allows you to load and access credits for printing and photocopying. Every new student automatically gets a $5.00 credit (equals approximately 50 copies). Learn more about print services at CMTN.

To use your card for printing you must log into the printer by placing your ID card on the WaveID sign on the printer/copier and use the same login credentials provided to access the computer lab.

For log in information please refer to your  acceptance email, or contact the Registration office at your local campus.