Service Desk

Step 1

Log in here or go to the Coast Mountain College website, and scroll to the bottom of the page and click Service Desk.

Your user name and password will be the same as the prefix of your College email (without the



Service desk

If you cannot access the service desk with your username and password select Guest Login. Please make sure to put your name and contact info when logging into Guest Login so we know who you are.

Step 2

Select Create a New Request.

For existing you can type the request number.

New request

Screenshot of a blank request:

blank request

Screenshot of a completed request:

Form sample

Step 3

Click the Request Area link then select the appropriate subject below. Do not type in the empty field.

Here you will select the category that best fits the problem.

request area

Step 4

Select the Save button

You are also able to send attachments such as screenshots or error messages using the Attach Document feature. 



save button

attach doc button

Step 5

You and the IT Technicians will be sent an email confirming your Service Desk ticket.

From the email, click on the link Request RXXX to view the request in Service Desk.

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