Communications at Coast Mountain College oversees areas that include:

  • Media and public relations
  • Communications
  • Institutional marketing and advertising
  • Social media
  • Web design and content curation
  • Event promotion 

The department is also responsible for assisting and guiding production of institutional materials, including the CMTN viewbook, physical assets and community reports to align with the visual identity of the College. View our program guides.

External organizations are asked to contact the Communications department to connect with Coast Mountain College faculty and staff experts.

Communications Department
Waap Sginiis (House of Jackpine)
Terrace Campus


Hilary bioHilary Lightening
Graphic Designer 

250.635.6511 Ext. 5499

Hilary collaborates with the Communications team and internal CMTN departments to design promotional materials such as brochures, posters, rack cards, advertisements, signage, banner stands, postcards, event table toppers, web-based and digital materials and various projects that require visual art and design.

Hilary also provides technical support to internal and external documents to guarantee that they are properly branded and can be read in a logical and consistent manner, this includes official College forms, templates and reports.

Hilary works with College departments and campuses on events, promotional campaigns, services and supports to ensure that these initiatives are presented with the highest standard of CMTN’s brand integrity. As a brand guardian, she works to ensure that all Coast Mountain College’s brand is strategically implemented with adherence to our visual identity.

Hilary’s professional background spans over a decade working in Communications in various roles supporting Indigenous organizations, non-profits and industry.

Tracy bioTracy Salem
Web Designer

250.635.6511 Ext. 5405

Tracy focuses on the user experience of our website. As our web designer, she collaborates with other CMTN departments and campuses as she works to keep the website user experience smooth. She consistently reviews the website for errors, glitches and outdated or misinformation and meticulously ensures that video, image and written content supports CMTN’s brand promise.

Tracy works with the Communications Department to implement marketing campaigns, newsroom items, events, creative content, news bulletins, and various other communication-related initiatives on the website.

She designs content layout and provides editing support to internal stakeholders and web users. She researches best web-based practices and platforms and liaisons with external contractors who support design elements of the website. She implements graphics, videos and photography throughout the website to support the brand integrity of CMTN.

Tracy has over two decades of experience working in post-secondary education in web content management and design.

Marketing team

Jessica bioJessica Hogg
Marketing Coordinator

250.635.6511 Ext. 5470

Jessica is responsible for the coordination, development and distribution of CMTN’s print, digital, web and social media marketing media production. She supports both the marketing and communications strategies for all programs, departments and events as she monitors and provides guidance regarding integrity and the evolution of the CMTN brand. 

Providing copy editing, content creation, creative direction and strategic planning on media and marketing campaigns, Jessica identifies opportunities, explores requests and suggestions. She develops well-written and researched content for the CMTN website and for various external-facing documents and initiatives.

Jessica supports and supervises the Communications Department’s strategic objective to develop, implement and evaluate a wide range of marketing and communications initiatives. She collaborates with departments and committees to maintain a responsible approach to brand guardianship and provides guidance to manage brand standards for digital, print, broadcast and physical assets of the College.

Jessica’s career spans two decades in marketing, communications and event coordination in the entrepreneurship, education and non-profit sectors.

Storm bioStorm Carroll
Marketing Officer - Trades, Workforce Training

250.635.6511 Ext. 5416

Storm collaborates with the Communications team and internal departments to produce visual content for marketing campaigns, events and support to College-wide communications initiatives, with a deeper focus supporting the trades training, workforce training and continuing studies programs at CMTN.

Storm has extensive experience in video and photography and captures our natural world to build beautiful storytelling around it. He is the lead on the Communications team for visual content as he provides expertise in videography, photography, photo editing, audio and visual support.

Storm’s communication career comes from a professional background in photography, videography, entrepreneurship and freelance creative work.

Doug bioDoug Swank
Marketing Officer- International

250.635.6511 Ext. 5484

Supporting the international department, Doug develops content for the website, print, digital and electronic distribution. He works closely with international department and external stakeholders to liaison with the Communications team. As a brand guardian, he ensures materials and tools fall within CMTN brand standards and the framework of our visual identity.

Doug provides well-written and well-researched content for marketing campaigns and implements and distributes content strategically to support CMTN. He is often seen around our campuses getting to know the students and telling their stories.

Doug recently left UNBC with a degree in marketing and is an Alumni of CMTN’s Business Administration program. His career into marketing professionalism begins in our Communications Department.

Media Relations

Sarah bioSarah Zimmerman
Executive Director of Communications and Public Relations 

250.635.6511 Ext. 5494

Sarah is both the Manager of the Communications Department and CMTN’s Public Relations Practitioner. She oversees both internal and external communications of CMTN and her work in public relations supports a strategic communications process that works to build mutually beneficial relationships between CMTN and our public audience.

As the media contact for the College, Sarah works with media outlets to inform the public of Coast Mountain College’s mission, policies and practices in a positive, consistent and credible voice. She coordinates directly with various CMTN staff, students and departments to produce news and features in mass media. Sarah also creates releases for the newsroom as she works to develop strong relationships with journalists and other content writers.

Sarah provides copywriting, editing support and creative direction to the overall strategies of Coast Mountain College’s visions, objectives, visual identity and brand promise. This aligns with the leadership she provides to the Communications Department.

Sarah has spent her career working as a journalist turned public relations practitioner. A self-proclaimed ‘volunteer-holic’, she devotes much of her free time to organizations that support amateur sport, recreation, economic development and the arts.