CMTN celebrates the legacy of Stan Bevan, Dempsey Bob & Ken McNeil

Oct 24, 2022

On Friday, October 7, Coast Mountain College staff, students, and alumni recognized the retirement of Stan Bevan, and celebrated the legacy of longtime instructors Stan Bevan, Dempsey Bob, and Ken McNeil

Stan, Dempsey, and Ken are the founding instructors of the Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art. Each of these artists have shown a deep commitment to their practice and a dedication to teaching the next generation of artists. 

Stan has now retired as a formal instructor and the coordinator of the Freda Diesing School, and has levelled up as a Senior Advisor to the program alongside his uncle Dempsey Bob. 

Coast Mountain College would like to extend a warm thank you to these instructors for their hard work and long service as instructors and mentors to students over the years. 


Artist Quotes: 

Dempsey Bob 

"Talent is cheap, it's the dedication that is costly. It's hard to work. As an artist you have to live up to your potential and do the best thing you can do." 

Stan Bevan

"You are learning from each piece, trying to bring out the power of not only the old by the innovation of yourself." 

Ken McNeil

"You have to know who you are and where you come from to convey a story and tell it truthfully." 



Media contact

Heather Bastin

Executive Director, External Relations