CMTN faculty publish textbook on Indigenous perspectives in business

Oct 27, 2022

Indigenous-perspectives-textbookTerrace, B.C. – Coast Mountain College (CMTN) would like to congratulate our Manager of Campus Community and former Business Instructor Annette Sorensen, and Business Instructor Scott van Dyk in publishing their textbook: Indigenous Perspectives on Business Ethics and Business Law in British Columbia

“In our time teaching at Coast Mountain College, we have strived to Indigenize our curriculum, including by incorporating Indigenous content,” says van Dyk.

“There has been a dearth of appropriate content in both Business Law and Business Ethics, with currently available textbooks giving little to no mention of relevant Indigenous content that is important to budding businesspersons and concerned citizens alike. Instructors that weren’t already subject-matter experts would have difficulty implementing meaningful discussions in their classrooms. With this project, we hope to meet this need and provide an accessible resource that will enrich both students’ and instructors’ understanding of this important topic area.”

“With this publication, Annette and Scott have helped carve out a space for Indigenization of business education in BC and also for CMTN to further demonstrate its commitments to Indigenization and accessibility,” says Dr. Laurie Waye, President and CEO of CMTN. 

Check out the open access, downloadable, and editable textbook HERE.



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