COVID-19 update #6

Mar 19, 2020

In the interest of promoting social distancing, Coast Mountain College is altering how we deliver services to our staff, students and communities. We are committed to continuing operations, just in a different way. More and more staff will be working remotely and a suite of virtual delivery models are being introduced for many services at all of our campuses.

Registration desks

The registration desks at all four CMTN campuses are closed to face-to-face interactions and are moving to virtual delivery models. Please refer to the Registration Frequently Asked Questions tab on the CMTN COVID-19 web page for detailed information which will be updated later today.

Student Services 

The Student Services department is moving forward with all services and resources going to a virtual service delivery model. Detailed instructions will be out soon via a Student Services FAQ.


The libraries at all campuses are now closed to face-to-face interactions and moving to a virtual delivery model.

AskAway virtual chat is available from the Library website:

Other options for student library support includes:

  • Students can email the Library (
  • Name and email address of the campus Librarian will be posted at the libraries and online (Librarians will be available remotely)

Computer labs 

Many students do not have their own computers or access to wi-fi, so to that end, computer labs will remain open. We urge students to maintain six feet between one another in the interest of social distancing where possible. If the lab is full, we will ask students to consider returning when there are fewer students. 

The Hazelton library and computer lab will be closed until further notice.

Food services at the Terrace campus

Food services are still available at the Terrace campus at the Cafeteria and the Café. However, in the interest of social distancing we are encouraging all customers to take their food and beverages to go. If you choose to stay in the eating establishments, please ensure you are leaving space for social distancing – six feet between people. 

There are many lounges, picnic tables and seating areas in all of the buildings and on our campus grounds at the Terrace campus that give people the opportunity to ensure that they are giving themselves enough space to accommodate social distancing recommendations. 

Distributed learning models developing

Coast Mountain College is moving quickly to developing its distributed learning model for 199 classes. Instructors, senior administrators and the team at our Centre of Learning Transformation (COLT) have been working quickly to identify and implement distributed learning models as alternatives to face-to-face teaching and learning. Big thanks to the 60 instructors who have worked with COLT to make these significant changes in a very short time. The plan for each class should be confirmed by the end of this week. Students should communicate with their instructors to find out which distributed learning models will begin for them effective Monday, March 23.

If you are ill, please stay home

A reminder that anyone who is feeling ill should stay home and communicate with their manager. This also applies to students – any students who are feeling ill should stay home and communicate with their instructors. Campuses remain open.

Further information

Media contact

Sarah Zimmerman, APR
Executive Director, Communications
Cell: 250-641-2206