Skills Canada: student spotlight and regional winners

Mar 22, 2022

Student spotlight: Gwynn Hall

The Skills Canada BC’s 2019 Provincial Competition is held on April 17 in Abbotsford and Coast Mountain College (CMTN) student Gwynn Hall is taking her passion for cooking to the provincial level to compete.

Gwynn has been cooking her whole life and she has recently completed the level one Professional Cook program at CMTN. She will be returning to the level two training in spring of 2020.

“I find that as I stick through the professional cook course each year I learn more and more and it fills in the gaps of the knowledge that I already had,” says Gwynn.

After winning the regional competition at the Terrace campus on March 1, 2019, Gwynn has the opportunity to travel to Abbotsford to compete. Winners at that level will then be invited to compete at the national level.

“It’s neat to have this opportunity and I have always enjoyed cooking but didn’t know how good my cooking actually was,” says Gwynn. “It’s a different feeling to have someone be like ‘Yeah, this is really good!’”

What are Gwynn’s goals beyond competing as a professional cook? She really wants to start her own business.

“Basically, my dream is to raise animals properly and have a farm to table restaurant.”

For more information about Skills Canada Provincial competitions visit:

Check out more info about CMTN’s professional cooking program.

2019 Regional Competition winners

 Carpentry - Secondary
 1st  Zack Bouvier   Smithers SS
 2nd  Lisa Stephans  Nisga'a SS
 3rd  Seth Pauls   Caledonia
 Automotive - Secondary
 1st  Gabe Vandenberg   CMTN
 2nd  Colin Reinert   CMTN
 3rd  Jimmy Evenden  Smithers SS
 Welding - Secondary 
 1st  Danny Evenden   Smithers SS
 Welding - Post Secondary 
 1st  Ashley Skoreiko   CMTN
 2nd  Drake Payne
 Hairdressing - Secondary
 1st  Jena Calbreath   CMTN
 2nd  Brianna Munday  CMTN
 3rd  Aly Grottshiling  CMTN
 Hairdressing - Post Secondary 
 1st  Amy Hoorenborg   CMTN
 2nd  Tearalyn Morrison  CMTN
 3rd  Georgia Alexander  CMTN
 Hairdressing - Mature 
 1st  Brooke Egers   CMTN
 2nd  Heather Vivian  CMTN
 3rd  Stefanie Godfrey  CMTN
 Culinary Arts - Secondary 
 1st  Ethan Moore   Nisga'a SS
 2nd  Logan Flint  Smithers SS
 3rd  Seth Tevely  Smithers SS
 Culinary Arts - Post Secondary
 1st  Gwynn Hall - CMTN   CMTN
 Culinary Arts - Mature
 1st  Amanda Collison   CMTN
 2nd  Heather Bohn  CMTN
 Spaghetti Bridge  

 Odin Vetsch   Muheim Elementary - Smithers
 Hardy O'Donoghue
 Elias Joseph
 Kaleb Roy
 Savanna Fenus  Muheim Elementary - Smithers
 Laurel Witt
 Navi Macknak
 Emily Cyr