Spotlight: Finding a new career in the wake of the pandemic

Oct 01, 2021

If someone told Myles Broome a year ago he would be back in school, he would not have believed them. 
He had just left his desk at the local radio station to work at LNG Canada producing safety videos but when the pandemic hit, he found himself without a job amongst thousands of others across the country.  

Unsure of what the future held, Broome decided to take advantage of his free time and enrol at Coast Mountain College (CMTN) to upgrade his high school courses in the Career & College Preparation (CCP) Certificate program so he could pursue a diploma in IT. 
“I’ve been just so surprised with how great all my teachers are, one of them is always very positive and gives me good constructive criticism on my writing,” he says, adding that he’s impressed with how enjoyable virtual learning has been for him throughout the pandemic.  
“I'm probably doing better than I would have if it was just face to face classes... I like having the resource of a teacher to help me with the freedom to do what I need to do during my own time.” 
Broome says prior to enrolling, he was apprehensive telling his family and friends he wanted to return to school at the age of 34 but everyone has been super supportive. Despite only meeting his peers virtually, he says seeing so many people from different backgrounds and ages have also reassured him that he’s on the right track. 
And with all the changes in the world, Broomes says he’s optimistic about all the opportunities that will come out of it. 

“I think I'm doing this at the exact right time because the need for technology is going to be a lasting effect from the pandemic, there will be more people needing to work from home so computers aren't going anywhere,” says Broome. 

Looking back, Broome says his decision to enrol in the CCP Certificate program has uplifted his self-confidence and he encourages anyone who’s hesitant to do the same. His future goals now include moving out of the North to attend a specialized IT program, which he’s looking forward to. 
“Through this school, I’m discovering every day that I’m capable of learning new things. I never pictured myself back in class after post-secondary, I was always overwhelmed by the idea,” he says. 
“I don't think anybody could ever really be ready — you just have to jump into it and make the best out of it all.”