Criminal Justice

Have you ever considered if our criminal justice system is fair and effective? Examine how the police, courts and prison system respond to criminal behaviour.

In this field school you will experience what it is like working in the Criminal Justice System by:

  • Exploring forensic techniques used to investigate criminals and crime scenes
  • Getting a close-up look at the court process by participating in a mock trial with actual members of the criminal justice system
  • Examining the differences between retributive and restorative justice

Throughout this two-week field study, issues of contemporary interest will be explored including: wrongful convictions, mental health and the law, murdered/missing Aboriginal women and girls, serial killers, racial profiling and police deviance.

Course | 3 credits

  • CRIM 131 - Introduction to the Criminal Justice System


Admission requirements

  • Successful admission to the University Credit program
  • Meet all individual course pre-requisites
  • Permission of the Instructor

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Dates and locations

June 10-21, 2019

Terrace campus

Program fees

Domestic   International   
 Field Trip Fee $75.00   Field Trip Fee  $75.00
 CRIM 131  $300.78  CRIM 131  $1208.88
 Student Union Fees  $41.52  Student Union Fees  $41.52
   $417.30    $1325.40


Non-refundable deposit due at registration: $115.00

Full tuition is due 10 business days before start: Friday May 24, 2019




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