Haida Gwaii: First Nations Culture and Language

NEW! The coastal rainforest island archipelago of Haida Gwaii is the ancestral home of the Haida people, and the inspiration of the rich and beautiful Haida culture.

Students will learn from Elders, and other knowledgeable Haida people, about the ancient history, culture, language, lifeways, connections to the land, and the impacts of colonialism. Students will meet Elders and leadership working with fluent speakers committed to restoring and revitalizing the Haida language, and efforts of reconciliation and relationships that build cultural understanding. This Field School is unique and a special opportunity for students.

Courses | 6 credits

  • ANTH 203 - Northern Nations of the Northwest Coast     
  • FNST 120 - Language Preservation and Revitalization


Admission requirements

  • Successful admission to the University Credit program
  • Meet all individual course pre-requisites
  • Permission of the Instructor

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Dates and locations

May 25 - June 9, 2019

  • Terrace campus
  • Prince Rupert
  • Haida Gwaii

Program fees

Domestic    International  
 Field Trip Fee  $595.00  Field Trip Fee  $595.00
 FNST 120  $300.78  FNST 120  $1208.88
 ANTH 203  $300.78  ANTH 203  $1208.88
 Student Union Fees  $41.52  Student Union Fees  $41.52
   $1238.08    $3054.28


Non- refundable deposit due at registration : $219.00

Full tuition due (10 business days before start): Friday May 10, 2019

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