Opportunities in the Skeena

This exciting new field school opportunity allows you to complete 6 credits of Business Administration courses in a 2.5 week condensed experiential, place-based field school here in the Skeena region.

Get out of the classroom to assess the challenges that many entrepreneurs face while operating businesses in the Skeena region, perform research and assist in designing strategies that meet their unique needs.

Experience what the businesses within the Skeena region offer and compare it to their competitors. Assess how they are currently communicating with their customers and determine how they can reach a global audience with their marketing.

As new industry comes to the region, the opportunities for entrepreneurs are endless. This is your opportunity to apply the fundamentals of business and marketing with real-world experience and cultivate your entrepreneurial spirit.

Courses | 6 credits:


Admission requirements

Dates and locations


Program fees

Domestic    International  
 Field Trip Fee $395.00   Field Trip Fee  $395.00
 MARK 150  $300.78  MARK 150  $1208.88
 MGMT 201  $300.78  MGMT 201  $1208.88
 Student Union Fees  $41.52  Student Union Fees  $41.52
   $1038.08    $2854.28


Field school fees are non-refundable two weeks before the field school starts.

Non-refundable deposit due at registration: $170.00

Full tuition due (10 business days before start)