People of the Skeena

Immerse yourself in the rich and amazing Gitxsan culture and history, while learning about the traditional usages of plants, including the tree of life, cedar weaving, and other traditional activities, such as the preparation of smoked salmon.

The People of the Skeena Field School will take place in the Terrace area where you will visit the Gitxsan Eagle Clan’s fishing site of Guxts’eliksit. At this Language Preservation and Culture Camp, students will be hosted by Skaỳan (Anita Davis), Hereditary Chief/Matriarch, and other Eagle Chiefs/Elders.

Course | 3 credits

  • FNST 110 - Ethnobotany: Plants & First People 


Admission requirements

Dates and locations

June 22 - June 30, 2023

  • Gitxsan Territory along the Ksyen (Skeena) River
  • Guxts’eliksit Language & Culture Camp
  • Terrace campus

Program fees

Domestic   International   
 Field trip fee  $500.00  Field trip fee  $500.00 
 FNST 110  $376.02  FNST 110  $1,335.90
 Student Union fees  $43.64  Student Union Fees  $43.64
 Total   $919.66   Total   $1,879.54


Fees effective for the 2022/23 academic year.

Non-refundable deposit due at registration: $200.00

Full tuition is due by April 17, 2023

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