Employee health and safety

Coast Mountain College is committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace for our employees. We have compiled a list of useful resources including HR forms, links to our official policies and procedures, and Working From Home – Resources, Tips & Tricks.

Forms & resources

Policies & procedures

Fire safety plans

Working from home

Resources, tips & tricks

Set up your office

Before you get started, address your work-from-home ergonomics!

WorkSafeBC has great resources here, and this video provides a helpful approach to self-assessing. 

Move every 20 minutes and consider implementing a desk-ercise schedule: 

Protect your home computer: 

Mental wellness

Reminder that all employees have access to 24/7/365 confidential support, call 1-800-667-0993 or access services online at fseap.ca/services. Learn about FSEAP's COVID-19 resources for employees.

Mindfulness at work

Are you mentally prepared for social distancing?

Implement #happyacts

Social distancing and even self-isolation were never meant to be done without community. There are many ways to stay connected. Consider sending out e-cards to celebrate appreciation; connecting by phone, text, video calls, IM or email to recommend a good playlist or read.  

Moving business online

Looking for ways to make virtual meetings more effective?

Need to set up a BlueJeans meeting?

Looking for an alternative to Bluejeans?

Microsoft Teams is built for collaboration, allowing instant messaging/group chat and easy integration with your CMTN directory. Communications and IT are leading the way in using this tool, and you can access it through this link or directly through this link.

Looking for some training options? 

CMTN employees have access to courses at a discounted rate through Ed2Go: ed2go.com/cmtn

Courses range from instructor-led to self-paced and include a variety of categories, from arts and design, to hospitality, teacher development, and more. Access discounted rates by working with jfarrow@coastmountaincollege.ca.

Many organizations such as LinkedIn, Microsoft, OpenSeasame, etc. offer free resources for online training and working from home. If you are looking for options, be sure to explore! A few examples: