CMTN Students Present Research Findings on Shames Watershed

May 02, 2022

hydrologyTerrace, B.C. –
 Coast Mountain College (CMTN) instructors Gord Weary, Catharine White and Matt Beedle presented an event on Wednesday, April 27 entitled “Water” We Doing?

Weary and White led the event showcasing student data collection and analysis work focusing on the Shames Watershed.

Students' research focused on flood potential, river ecosystems and water resource management issues.
For the past 12 years, Weary and Beedle's hydrology and geography students have been collecting hydrological data, which has added to the database in an area that has limited weather stations.

"This type of research relates to a wide range of students," says Weary, adding that getting out in the field provides for a powerful learning environment. 

Students Maya Lecuyer, Dani Ruff, Graham Parrish and Nik Bennett presented a poster that gave an introduction to the project and the purpose for doing it.

Another student Mohammed Hussain decided to focus on the stream flow measurements and methods and how this relates to watershed ecosystems.

Students Lilly Trimmer and Brady McBride presented a poster on snow-pack analysis, snow sampling methods and impact on flooding and forest fires. 

Trimmer says she felt particularly compelled by this research project, because hydrology has an impact on every facet of life when it comes to climate modelling. 

"This data is setting the foundation for years down the line," says Trimmer. 
White also had two students from her Biology class present information on the impacts of bridges and roads to aquatic life. 

Beedle has co-taught the Hydrology course with Weary in the past. This year, Beedle was instrumental in helping student Daniel Rich with his poster content on snowpack and future climate modelling.

Daniel is very interested in Beedle's Ph.D. work on glaciology and climate change and plans to pursue a future career in this area of study.

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