Icefields to Oceans

Learn about geomorphology by examining the unique landscapes of northwestern BC and the inside passage of southeastern Alaska.

During this field school you will also be introduced to the current environmental and geopolitical issues concerning the many transboundary watersheds that we will cross, including the Unuk, Stikine, and Taku watersheds, each of which begin in the icefields of British Columbia and meet the Pacific Ocean in Alaska.

Courses | 6 credits


Course outlines


The Geography 210 component of the field school allows you to examine the environmental problems of today’s world in the context of different societies and societal responses. In this course, we will identify how individuals and cultures view key environmental issues, how we can objectively analyze these problems, and how solutions can be derived to mitigate or solve environmental issues at different scales, varying from site specific problems to the global biosphere. As a class, we will learn to listen to and evaluate responses to environmental issues from individuals, special interest groups, the ‘public’, politicians, and government agencies.  Develop skills in objective analysis and use them to undertake a community-based project that examines the relationships between environmental issues, the needs of different types of economic development, and the sustainability of communities.


In the Geomorphology 203 course we will examine the natural processes that shape the face of the Earth. It develops further on the material covered in Geography 160 and Geology 157. This course will focus on the fundamental principles that form the basis of geomorphology, in particular the processes that are active in the natural landscape and the landforms that are a consequence.  A strong emphasis will be placed on the glacial processes and deposits that influence much of the landscape in northwestern BC and southeastern Alaska. 

Admission requirements

Dates and locations

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Past dates:

August 12-30, 2019

The Icefields to Oceans Field School includes a 12-14 day overnight field trip to the Yukon and Alaska.

  • Terrace campus
  • Stewart, BC - Bear Glacier
  • Hyder,  Alaska - Salmon & Berendon Glaciers
  • Bruce Jack Mine
  • Boya Lake Carcross, Yukon Territory
  • Atlin, BC
  • Skagway, Alaska
  • Juneau, Alaska - Mendenhall Glacier

Program fees

Domestic    International  
 Field trip fee  $995.00  Field trip fee  $995.00
 GEOG 203  $347.40  GEOG 203  $1255.50
 GEOG 210  $300.78  GEOG 210  $1208.88
 Student Union fees  $41.52  Student Union fees $41.52 
   $1684.70    $3500.90


Non Refundable deposit due at registration: $299.00

Full tuition due 10 business days before start.

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