Adult Graduation Diploma Pathway

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Adult Graduation Diploma

  • MATH 046 or 0401/0402 (Math 11)
  • ENGL 050 or 055 or 057 (English 12)
  • 3 of the following elective courses:
    • ENGL 050 or 055 or 057 (one that has not already been completed to meet the English requirement)
    • SOSC 040 (Social Science)
    • EDCP 050 (Education and Career Planning)
    • FNST 050 (First Nations Studies)
    • WORK 050 (Work Experience)
    • PORT 050 (Portfolio)
    • CHEM 050 (Chemistry 12)
    • BIOL 050 (Biology 12)
    • MATH 050 (Math 12)
    • Future post-secondary courses and/or up to two past Grade 12 level secondary courses

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Step 3

An Educational Advisor will connect you with a Learning Assistance Specialist who will work with you to determine which courses meet your learning levels and needs.

Step 4

Your Educational Advisor will help you register in the right courses and get started.