CMTN Student forms Safe Spaces Movement to promote inclusivity on campus

Jun 23, 2022

Terrace, BC – Current Coast Mountain College (CMTN) student Lily Trimmer is in the process of forming a Safe Spaces Movement, with the goal of better connecting students on campus. 
Trimmer is a first-year student studying environmental science at CMTN, a representative in the student union and a part of the Leaders in Action team. 
“This club isn’t just for the queer community, it’s for everyone,” says Trimmer. “It’s for everyone who feels like they aren’t safe on campus.” 
Her initial plan for the Movement is to gauge the needs of the student body on campus, and then give voice to various groups and let them know they have a place in the community. 
“[T]he first step is a welcome invitation. It’s more than an email on a poster, it’s to tell people ‘It’s on our campus, it’s everywhere. It’s not just one student.’” 
If you want to get involved with the Safe Spaces Movement, please reach out Lily at


Media contact

Heather Bastin
Executive Director, External Relations