Employee benefits

Coast Mountain College offers a comprehensive benefits package to look after the health needs of eligible employees and their eligible dependents. Enrollment forms are sent to each eligible employee when they begin at Coast Mountain College by Human Resources. Employees who are not eligible for group benefits are paid out in lieu of benefits as per language in the respective collective agreements. View our FAQs.

Group benefits

Employees are encouraged to create an online account to submit claims electronically and receive reimbursement by direct deposit, to have easy access to your claims history and coverage, and to gain access to a wide variety of in depth educational resources. For instructions see:  A Guide to Manulife’s Plan Member Website [PDF].

Group benefits coverage booklets

*If you are an exempt employee, please contact a Human Resources Advisor for your benefits package.

Group benefits forms

Medical Services Plan (MSP)

The Medical Services Plan is the provincial health insurance program that covers health care benefits for BC residents. These include medically necessary services provided by physicians including doctors’ appointments, hospital stays, and diagnostic services including x-rays and lab work.

All BC residents must enroll in the Medical Services Plan (MSP).

In order to complete MSP enrolment, adult Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents will need to obtain a Photo BC Services Card by visiting an Insurance Corporation of BC (ICBC) driver licensing office. Once you have received your card and a Personal Health Number (PHN) please complete the Application for MSP Group Enrollment form that is provided by Coast Mountain College HR.

If you are new to Canada, apply for MSP as soon as you arrive. Your coverage may start three months after your arrival date in British Columbia. You should get private health care insurance while you wait.

If you are moving from another province, you should arrange for coverage with your former medical plan during the wait period. If your family is not here yet, they need to keep their existing provincial health care. Once they arrive, you can apply to add them to your plan. The wait period for each family member will begin on their individual arrival date.

Best Doctors

Best Doctors [PDF] is a voluntary and confidential service provider that provides medical expertise specialized to each individual. They are able to provide a second opinion, assist in diagnosis, and recommend treatment options when you’re facing medical uncertainty.

Family & Employee Assistance Program (fseap)

Eligible employees have access to a Family and Employee Assistance Program that provides 8 hours of free services for employees and eligible dependents each calendar year. These services are voluntary, confidential and accessible 24/7, every day of the year. They include, but are not limited to, personal counselling, career counselling, child/eldercare consultation, financial coaching, health coaching, legal consultation, life coaching, nutritional counselling, and smoking cessation support. 

Pension plans

At Coast Mountain College, eligible faculty and senior administrators have a pension plan through the College Pension Plan. Eligible support staff and other administrators have a pension plan with the Municipal Pension Plan. The pensions plans for Coast Mountain College are administered by Payroll. For further information of BC Pension Plans please visit these websites:


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to a member of the Human Resources & Payroll Team.


Employee benefits