• Regan Sibbald

Regan Sibbald

College Professor
Residing campus
  • Terrace
Regan began to teach physics, math and chemistry at Coast Mountain College in January 2008. Between attending both UBC and SFU, Regan gained a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Education and a Masters of Science. Although he started his Coast Mountain Career at the Prince Rupert campus, he now teaches at the Terrace campus.

“I try to convey the excitement of mathematics and physics that has given me such joy in life to my students. I let them experience some of the wondrous things that engineers and physicists have done and will do for our society.”

Throughout his life Regan has done a significant amount of applied physics research.

“I have worked with the US air force on G suits, NRC Canada on the effects of heat loss due to fog, the BC Cancer Agency improving the accuracy of radiation delivery to brain tumours during stereotactic radiosurgery, and with UBC on heating and lighting efficiencies.”

Regan spends his winters on the slopes of Shames Mountain skiing and playing ice hockey. His summers are spent enjoying the outdoors through fishing and exploring with his several watercrafts.

“A surprising fact that you might not know about me is that I hold a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and taught marital arts while living in China for three years.”

Besides Terrace and Prince Rupert, Regan has also lived and taught in Anaheim (California), Vancouver, Victoria, Shanghai, Qingdao, and Guangzhou. 

"I am super proud of my students who have gone on to engineering, physics, chemistry, mathematics and computer science degrees."