• Trudy Dolan

Trudy Dolan

Instructor / Learning Assistance Specialist
Residing campus
  • Prince Rupert
Trudy has spent 21 years working at Coast Mountain College (CMTN).  She spent her first 16 years teaching math in the Career and College prep program (CCP).  For the past five years she continues to be a math instructor and has added the role of Learning Assistant Specialist (LAS) to her work portfolio.  

She enjoys being part of the process of helping students navigate school, work, and family, and watching her students grow as adult learners.  One of her favourite times of the year is when her students participate in the graduation program to get their Adult Dogwood Diploma.  She is super enthusiastic and supportive towards all students that reach out to her and will find the tools needed to help you be successful.  She wants you to know that you are not alone in this online environment and that you just have to reach out and ask for help.  

In her spare time, Trudy also enjoys golfing with her husband and watching her three boys grow up.  

Please feel free to contact her for anything you need or questions you may have: tdolan@coastmountaincollege.ca