First-year Engineering students wrap up semester with robotics project

Jun 10, 2022

TERRACE, BC – Coast Mountain College first-year Engineering students are wrapping up their courses this week with two exciting projects.

On Tuesday, they displayed their robotics design project and shared their building process for the project with a crowd of CMTN faculty, staff and students at the Terrace campus. 

They have also been taking part in a transportation engineering project with a sustainability focus: working to assess the ridership and use of the public transit routes in the city.

These kinds of projects have real-world applications and scenarios that the students have learned from. When asked what the biggest learning outcome of the robotics project was for him, Jackson Hamel said “[p]roblem solving. …there was a lot that went wrong. We had to work our way around and think of new ways to do things.”
Jackson Hamel and Trai Zips will now go on to UVic, entering directly into the second year of the Bachelor of Engineering program, having completed their first year here in Terrace.

Classmates Regan Sibbald and Logan Wolfe will transfer to second-year engineering at UBC.
“Many people don’t know that you can do the first-year engineering curriculum at Coast Mountain College and then transfer directly into the second year of any engineering school in the province.” said Dr. Titi Kunkel, Acting VP of Academic, Students and International.
This transferability has lots of benefits for the students. Student Regan Sibbald says “being able to stay at home and adjust to the new course load, there’s an easier transition than moving away and living by yourself.”

Trai Zips also chose to complete his first year at CMTN saying: “I was aware that the program was just as good, if not better than other schools, so I decided to come here. You save a ton of money.”
For those interested in the CMTN pathway to an Engineering degree, applications are still being accepted for Fall 2022. Contact for more information.


Left to Right: T. Zips, J. Hamel, L. Wolfe, and R. Sibbald presented their robotics design project to staff and students at the Terrace campus on June 7, 2022. All four students will be transferring into the second-year of Bachelor of Engineering programs at BC universities after completing their first year at CMTN.


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