Masks/ face coverings

Jan 24, 2022

BC’s Provincial Health Officer has set how masks are used. This applies to all those attending post-secondary campuses in BC. 

Mask requirements

Where: Masks must be worn inside indoor spaces. This includes classrooms, libraries, and offices. Specific types of masks may be provided and directed for use to meet task-specific safety requirements.  

Type: All types of masks help reduce the transmission of COVID-19 when they fit comfortably over the mouth and nose with no gaps around the face. Choose the mask that is best for you. 

How to wear it: Masks must cover your nose and mouth with no gaps around the face.

It is currently not permitted to remove your mask when:

  • You are working in small groups during structured activities, even if you can remain at least 2 m away from each other. 
  • When you are in a shared space with no one else present or when you are in a space with a barrier separating you from all others. 
  • When you are delivering a presentation/ lecture/ teaching (as an employee or student) AND even when there is least 2m separating you from other participants OR a physical barrier is in place.

You can temporarily remove your mask:

  • When you are in a room by yourself that others do not have access to
  • To communicate effectively with someone for whom visual cues are essential
  • To support a verification of your identity
  • When eating and drinking while seated in a designated eating area, please do not snack or drink at your desk if you are in a shared space. Please do not eat or drink in classrooms.

Mask Exemptions

If you are unable to wear a mask for health reasons or are unable to put on or remove the mask without the assistance of another person: 

Students: Please contact your instructor virtually and work with accessibility services to provide the College with a doctor’s note to support the accommodation. 

Employees: Please contact your supervisor and work with human resources to provide the College with a doctor’s note to support the accommodation.