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Acadia Northwest Mechanical Creates the Greg Townsend Memorial Award

Sep 07, 2023

Terrace, BC - To recognize the legacy of late, long-time co-owner and founder, Greg Townsend, Acadia Mechanical has created the Greg Townsend Memorial Award to cover the first year of tuition fees for an Electrical Foundations student at Coast Mountain College.

Acadia Northwest Mechanical has been one of Terrace’s leading businesses for plumbing, heating, and refrigeration needs for more than 30 years. The business was started by Greg Townsend and son-in-law Al Cameron in 1989, and at the time consisted only of themselves and one other employee. The company has grown substantially over the years, expanding and now employing 25 people who serve a vast area of the Northwest Region. Townsend retired roughly 10 years ago at the age of 70, handing over business operations to his son-in-law Al, who is the president of the company, and grandson, Tyler, who is currently the General Manager of Acadia Northwest Mechanical.

Townsend grew up in the urban community of New Waterford in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and his maritime roots led to the decision to call his company “Acadia.” Townsend came from humble beginnings, as his family often struggled financially and this would be a strong driver for his community involvement and charity work in Terrace. As Acadia grew and became financially stable, Townsend made a strong effort to give back to his community whenever possible.

Townsend’s grandson Tyler Cameron, says, “I know my grandpa started with nothing. His family was dirt poor when they came to Terrace. He's been heavily involved with the community through Red Cross, Salvation Army, and local soup kitchens for over 30 years.”

Townsend had moved back to Nova Scotia when he retired to stay close to his family roots, but he would check in with Tyler and Al periodically to see how the business was doing. Townsend passed away in April of this year at the age of 80 years. The loss of his grandfather has hit Tyler and his family extremely hard as it was very sudden.

Townsend was a strong believer in education since he and his family could not afford it. Thus, Tyler and his mother, Terri Cameron, decided what better way to honor his grandfather’s legacy than to create an award for a future Trades student.

Terri was a lifelong educator with the Coast Mountain School District and recently retired from teaching. Tyler and his mother had recognized most people in the region pursuing trades start at Coast Mountain College and that there are huge financial barriers for most young people trying to get educated.

Tyler said, “There are so many benefits from going to Trades school. My grandpa didn’t go to school. He could never afford it. This award will give somebody a chance to get into the trades.”

Townsend was always interested in the people in his community and always formed relationships with the people he did business with. Tyler says, it’s the people he surrounds himself with who keep him coming back to work with a smile. 



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