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Northern Nursing Program Renewed Accreditation Ensures Strong Future for Nursing in the North

Jul 24, 2023

Northern B.C. – The Northern Collaborative Baccalaureate in Nursing Program (NCBNP) has renewed its national accreditation and BC College of Nurses and Midwives recognition for the next five years and seven years, respectively, providing graduates with the academic qualifications required to put their nursing skills to work anywhere in Canada.

The NCBNP program allows students to take their first two years at either Coast Mountain College (CMTN) in Terrace, or the College of New Caledonia (CNC) in Quesnel or Prince George, and then finish their last two years of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) campus in the same city, enabling individuals to fully complete their degree without leaving northern B.C. 

Renewed accreditation and recognition affirms the high quality of nursing education available to students training in the North. Well-trained local nursing graduates mean excellent patient care in local hospitals and communities. 

“Residents of northern B.C. continue to benefit from the strong collaboration with post-secondary institutions that enables the recruitment and retention of highly skilled nursing graduates who are passionate about providing care in the North,” said Cathy Ulrich, Northern Health President and Chief Executive Officer. “The renewed accreditation and recognition of the quality education the NCBNP provides is well-deserved.”

In completing a Nursing degree, people can enter a wide variety of careers, including patient care, public health, technology and clinical systems, leadership, and change management, among others. 

“By staying in the North to complete my Nursing degree, I’ve seen myself grow as a member of my home community and become an active member of the healthcare field. As I complete my post-secondary journey, I am grateful to my instructors and classmates for providing me with the tools and skills needed to succeed in my new role in the Terrace hospital maternity ward,” says Sarah Davey, an NCBNP graduate who completed her first two years at Coast Mountain College and recently celebrated completing her degree at UNBC’s 2023 convocation ceremony.

“I would definitely recommend NCBNP, especially through one of the smaller campuses. It is very student focused. The instructors genuinely care about the students and their success,” said Chrystal Sande, an NCBNP graduate who completed her studies with the College of New Caledonia and UNBC in Quesnel. “Smaller class sizes provide the opportunity to have strong relationships with instructors and increased support. Attending the program in a smaller city, with a rural hospital provides students with countless opportunities to experience hands on learning in situations that students may not have the opportunity to experience in larger centers.”


Second-year NCBNP Coast Mountain College student Brylee Dos Santos learning hands-on in the newly renovated nursing lab at the CMTN Terrace campus.


College of New Caledonia nursing student running through full scenarios with the simulation models in the CNC nursing lab in Prince George. [photo courtesy of College of New Caledonia]


Students practice their clinical skills in the UNBC Prince George campus nursing lab. [photo courtesy of University of Northern British Columbia]


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