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“I’m very humbled,” CMTN Nursing Alumna Sarah Davey is Recognized for Leadership in the Program

Jun 26, 2023


Terrace, BC – Sarah Davey is being celebrated for more than just her graduation from the University of Northern BC this month. 

At her ceremony, Sarah was awarded a pin for demonstrating strong leadership in the Northern Collaborative Baccalaureate of Nursing Program while attending the first two years at Coast Mountain College (CMTN). 

“I’m very humbled,” says Sarah. “It’s nice to be recognized for the person I was when I was attending school here. Leadership has always been very important to me; [I try to] build others up and have a strong connection to the people I work with, as well.” 

Sarah adds that this award is also a reminder of the person she wants to be, inside and outside the workplace. 

One of Sarah’s CMTN nursing instructors, Jennifer Kennedy, says Sarah stood out as someone who always made herself available to others, despite going through the same difficulties as her classmates. 

“Throughout first year, Sarah was a calming and supportive resource for others in the class. Perhaps because she was set on her own goal, she had the capacity to make time for others, to hear about their struggles with school or with homework,” says Jennifer. “[Sarah] was living collaboration, perhaps before she knew what the word meant!” 

For Sarah, coming to CMTN was an easy decision. The environment at the College, especially being in a smaller class and having the attention from instructors, was the biggest reason she came to study here. 

“Building connections with my classmates was also really important because I knew I was going to need a good support system to get through the program,” she says.

When asked what she loves about nursing, Sarah says she has always wanted to turn potentially scary moments into positive ones for people who aren’t having the best day. 

“I love the fact that I can go into a 12-hour shift and have the ability to affect so many positive things within that shift,” she says. “Growing up, I had a lot of family members who were in and out of the hospital, and I saw first-hand the impact those nurses made when they treated you with compassion.” 

Sarah says she is excited to start her career in the maternity ward, having done placements in both perinatal and mental health facilities while in the program. 

“Mental health is prevalent in all facets of healthcare,” she says. “I get to use [my mental health training] in labour and delivery to support a new mom and help them through the process.” 

Sarah encourages others looking to enter nursing school to try different experiences and be patient with themselves. 

“Not everything’s going to fall into place all at once; it’ll take time to get there.… Recognize that it takes a lot of courage to go into this program, but it’s going to do incredible things for them and for others.” 

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